Wolf Lakes Village will be an authentic and detailed expression of Europe reflecting its unique architecture, art, culture, and life experience. The stone on the streets, the central plaza, the arched bridges and a thousand other special historical touches will transport people to another place and time and make them feel like they are somewhere else they want to be.


Wolf Lakes Village will incorporate the designs and structures and best practices of ancient villages that have stood the test of time and never go out of style. These proto-type villages evolve organically based on the day-to-day needs of the residents. They never lose touch with the forces that integrate and unify their community and bring lasting joy and contentment. Wolf Lakes Village will stay focused on meeting and nurturing those essential community needs driving long term sustainability.




Wolf Lakes Village will arouse wonder and inquisitiveness and attraction that elude explanation or comprehension. It will be a place of unsurpassed beauty and romance expressed in the art and architecture that soars upward in the bell tower, draws inward to the cathedral and wedding chapel and reaches outward in the streetscapes, building facades, stone structures, art installations, and walkways and pathways. It will be a place where the extraordinary natural setting of heritage trees, crystal blue lakes, spacious lawns, abundance of flowers and landscaping captures the eye and excites the imagination. It will be a place to fall in love, to celebrate love, to commit to love and to create memories of love through one-of-a-kind experiences, events, relationships, and adventures.



Wolf Lakes Village will be a place to find God—in a worship service, a wedding chapel, a concert or a quiet place of meditation among the trees or along the lake. It will be a place to experience tranquility of mind and heart though an integrated lifestyle and meaningful relationships with other residents and workers and people who pass through the village every day of the week.



Every element of Wolf Lakes Village will be surprisingly delightful and bring enchantment to children and adults of every age. The magic especially occurs when all the elements work together at the same time—like a horse carriage ride at Christmas time along cobblestoned streets in the central plaza where people can hear a choir singing, see the fountain exploding in a kaleidoscope of colors and eat special holiday treats with their beloved family and friends. The magic will be the melody that engages the senses, the harmony that blends it all together, and the rhythm that creates energy and movement.